6 years ago, I started writing my culinary blog where I share recipes. Simply because I enjoyed cooking and eating good food, adjusted to my taste and I wanted to share the experience with others as well. I’ve been more or less active over the years, but creating recipes has definitely become a part of me I can’t do without. It gives me inner satisfaction, relaxes me and I am especially happy if my culinary tip can brighten up and make the day easier for another person as well.

This year did not go exactly according to my plan. Unusual things are happening around the new virus in the world, leaving an impact in various areas. We probably all feel that. However, life goes on and despite the fact that I thought the new website would be completed half a year ago, I worked to the best of my ability and it is here today. Renovated, but not quite finished yet.

So far, some older recipes have been published that I had to translate, as the site is also in my native language, Slovenian. And now I have somewhere 150 recipes waiting for me to enter anew. I haven’t published recipes on the website for quite some time, I was only active on my Instagram page. And I still have to translate many of these recipes into Slovenian. But I will do it gradually, on an ongoing basis. However, I want to take a step forward, so I am sharing the page with you right now.

What will you find on my blog? I try to share a lot of different recipes from desserts, to meat and vegetarian dishes. Above all I like to make simple, fast and delicious food. I will really keep the one recipes that taste good to me and I have done them many times. I will also post some procedures, tips, such as How to make pumpkin puree from scratch. However, since I have a great partner and I am the mother of 2 naughty little boys who take a lot of my time, energy and on the other hand give me a lot of happiness, I can’t do without ever writing something about my family life too.

The preparation and publication of all this content takes a huge amount of time and I prepare everything myself. From thinking about the dish I want to make, writing a recipe, going to the store to get ingredients, cooking at home, taking photos, processing photos (you can also find a video), writing text, posting on the website and social networks, to finally washing up all the dirty dishes. I certainly make some mistakes, if you really find something that has a key impact on the understanding and success of the recipe, please let me know here so I can correct the mistake. However, I’m not exactly enthusiastic about grammar, also English is not my first language, so I will probably make mistakes in the future too. And that is ok with me.

All the recipes on the blog are really tested by me and made at home, without any special kitchen equipment and also without artificial additions on the plate or later processed photos. What food you see, is the same in reality.

If you’ve been following me since before, you may know that I’ve published a meal planner in the past that serves to plan daily meals. There are a few more available in Slovene. But, I have prepared an improved, online version, where you can print layouts for meal planning as you wish. I think Meal planner is a great tool for people who really cook a lot (or have to follow your eating habits), because with regular use, you can save a lot of money and time, and the dishes are of better quality.

You are also invited to subscribe to my e-newsletter (scroll down my home page and subscribe in the checkbox), where you occasionally receive a delicious message.

There are many plans for the future and they will be very tasty. Come and join me on this journey and lets cook something together.