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About me

I am a foodblogger, recipe creator, photographer, social media manager and content creator. But the most important thing in my life is being a mom to two amazing little boys. I share some family moments on my Instagram account and you are welcome to follow me there and get to know us better.

I first got familiar to cooking as a little girl with my mom that was always making home cooked meals and I still appreciate her taking the time and making this effort. I enjoyed my collage years in Ljubljana, our capital city, because I could go and explore food on a different level. But the big inspiration for cooking came to me when I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend (that is still my boyfriend today) after collage. This is where I got to spend more time in the kitchen and also decided to start sharing recipes on my own blog.

When I am not in the kitchen or working on computer, I love spending time with my family even if this means just goofing around with my boys. We get to hang out with friends, go visit grandparents and take smaller trips. I like listening to music too, it always puts me in a good mood and I love to dance, I even take hip hop classes.

I am not a chef by profession, I studied human resources management, but found myself in this big mess that kitchen sometimes is. I hate cleaning all the dirty dishes afterwards. I don’t cook by all the rules, I do a lot of it by intuition and taste, my way. I don’t know everything about food but I learn every day and will keep on doing it.

I first started with my blog T as Tasty back in March 2014 to make some kind of a personal collection of recipes I use, but I found myself loving the whole complicated process of sharing my recipes online to other people. And I want to keep on doing it. Even more that than, along the way, I learned new tricks and how too hacks that I am happy to tell you about and make your cooking experience easy, joyful and efficient.

I hope you will keep in touch. You can subscribe to my e-mails and get yummy recipes sent straight to your mailbox, you can follow me on social media, or drop me a comment under a blog post.

But most important I hope you will try to cook something that excites you.

Happy cooking!



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