Do you know the secret to the fluffiest and delicious scrambled eggs ever? I have had bad scrambled eggs for years and now I finally know how to make them gentle and soft. I used to scramble them too much while cooking and always over done them because I had a fear of raw eggs. And because they were overdone they even had a bit of a smell that I didn’t like and this is why I then added other ingredients to change the flavor.

But now I know there is nothing to be afraid of and eggs can be super delicious all on its own.

Eggs cook very fast but actually to make them taste good, you need to take it slow.

How do I make my scrambled eggs?

1. I put eggs in a cup, scramble them with a fork, season with salt and then pour in a pan with little olive oil. I make sure the pan is warm and not hot.

2. Then I cook the eggs on low heat and this is the big secret!  You don’t need anything else to make your scrambled eggs perfect. Just low temperature.

3. I toss and stir them gently a couple of times, just to make sure they are evenly cooked. I add some butter when they are almost done and that is it.

Check out this video of me cooking my scrambled eggs. Now you can enjoy perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs too.